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Plumbing and Pumping

Drain Bags and Bungs

For efficient pressure testing of drains by creating an airtight seal.

Drain bungs have minimum 1 week hire charge.

Drain Pressure Test Kit£4.50£6.50£7.50£8.50£10.50
Drain Bag & Pump 2in£3.50£5.00£5.50£6.50£8.00
Drain Bag & Pump 4in£4.50£6.50£7.50£8.50£10.50
Drain Bag & Pump 6in£4.50£6.50£7.50£8.50£10.50
Drain Bag & Pump 9in£5.00£7.00£8.50£9.50£11.50
Drain Bag & Pump 12in£6.50£9.50£11.00£12.50£15.50
Drain Bungs 2, 3 & 4in£4.00£4.00£4.00£4.00£4.00
Drain Bungs 5 & 6in£4.00£4.00£4.00£4.00£4.00
Drain Bungs 9 & 12in£6.50£6.50£6.50£6.50£6.50
Drain Bungs 15in£10.50£10.50£10.50£10.50£10.50
Drain Bungs 18in£19.00£19.00£19.00£19.00£19.00

All prices exclude VAT.


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