Heating and Cooling

Heating and Cooling Equipment Hire

When it comes to maintaining the right temperature and conditions for your projects, having reliable heating and cooling equipment is essential. At Beaver Tool Hire, we provide a diverse range of heating equipment ranging from small convection heaters for welfare cabins and offices, through to large oil space heaters for warehouses and large spaces. We also provide dehumidifier and cooling equipment hire, with machines designed to meet the unique demands of both domestic and commercial applications.

Our Heating and Cooling Equipment Range

Speak to Beaver Tool Hire if you are looking for air conditioner, dehumidifier or portable heater hire. With a host of options to choose from, our ample inventory is bound to include the perfect solution for your project. Our range includes:


- Electric Heaters: Infrared, convector and fan heaters for versatile heating solutions.

- Gas Heaters: Patio and cabinet heaters for outdoor settings.

- Oil Space Heaters: Efficient and reliable oil space heaters to keep your space warm.

- Indirect Diesel Heaters: Powerful heaters suitable for a range of applications.

Dehumidifiers: Choose from our selection of dehumidifiers, available in small, medium and large sizes. Our large dehumidifiers boast a maximum extraction capacity of 40 litres in 24 hours, ensuring efficient moisture control for various spaces, including flood damage control.

Air Conditioners: Explore our range of portable air conditioning units tailored to meet the cooling needs of both domestic and commercial environments.

Fans: We offer a variety of heavy-duty blowers, extractors, fans and air scrubbers to ensure proper ventilation and air circulation in any setting.

Blow Torch: Our selection of blow torches includes single, double and triple gas torches designed for roofing, plumbing and drying applications. We provide a full range of propane gas options to complement your torch needs.

No matter which heating or cooling tool you choose, you can rely on the quality and performance of our equipment. Beaver Tool Hire understands the diversity of projects, from home improvements to large-scale constructions, and our heating and cooling equipment range is tailored to cater to your specific needs.

Need help creating the right climate for your project? Contact us today on 01243 782510 to learn more about our heating and cooling equipment hire services. We're here to provide the tools you need for a successful project, ensuring optimal temperature control for every application.