Access Equipment Hire

Beaver Tool Hire provides leading access equipment rental services throughout West Sussex and Hampshire. Our access hire services range from ladder hire to mobile access platform hire. Our inventory has been selected to cater to a diversity of needs, whether you're a professional contractor, tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast tackling a project. Our access equipment rental range includes:

- Powered Access Equipment: For jobs that require versatility and precision at elevated levels, our powered access equipment is the solution. From cherry pickers that grant you access to challenging spots to scissor lifts that ensure stable platforms at different heights, we offer a range of options to suit your specific requirements.

- Access Towers: Whether you need a mobile tower for easy manoeuvrability or a scaffold tower for robust support, our tower systems are designed to provide a secure working platform, ensuring your safety and efficiency.

- Ladders: Our ladder selection includes various types, from step ladders for tasks at lower heights to roof ladders, for specialised roofing work.

- Trestles & Boards: Creating a stable workspace is essential for tasks like painting, plastering and decorating. Our trestles and boards are designed to provide that stability, improving safety and efficiency on your projects.

- Staging & Handrails: Our staging and handrail solutions are engineered to offer stability and security when working at height.

- Safety Equipment: Beaver Tool Hire offers a comprehensive range of safety equipment including harnesses, helmets and fall protection gear, ensuring you have the protection you need for any job.

- Builders Stilts: For jobs requiring precision and elevated access, our builders' stilts provide extra height and support .

At Beaver Tool Hire, we understand that every project is unique, and we're here to provide tailored access solutions that meet your specific needs. Our well-maintained equipment, expert guidance and commitment to safety make us the trusted choice for access equipment hire throughout Hampshire and West Sussex. Contact us today on 01243 782510 for more information to discuss your requirements.