Compaction Equipment Hire

Ensuring a firm foundation is essential in construction and landscaping projects. Beaver Tool Hire offers a diverse range of compaction equipment available for hire, designed to facilitate efficient soil, concrete and surface compaction, no matter the scale of your project. Our range includes tools and machines from leading brands, feel free to browse our compactor hire range below for more information:

- Vibrating Roller: The vibrating roller provides substantial compaction for larger areas, offering unparalleled efficiency in soil and asphalt compaction. Its robust design and variable vibration settings make it an ideal choice for road construction and site preparation.

- Trench Rammer: Perfect for compacting cohesive soils in narrow and confined spaces, the trench rammer delivers powerful compaction in trenches and around utilities, ensuring a solid foundation in challenging areas.

- Belle Forward Reverse Compactor Plate: This versatile compactor plate with forward and reverse functionalities is an optimal choice for paving, landscaping, and groundwork. Its manoeuvrability and efficiency make it ideal for a range of projects.

- Electric Plate Compactor: The electric plate compactor is a user-friendly and environmentally-conscious option for smaller compaction tasks. Its ease of use and quiet operation make it suitable for indoor projects and residential areas.

- Small Plate Compactor: Compact yet powerful, these plate compactors are designed for smaller-scale compaction jobs, such as paving, landscaping and patio construction. Their manoeuvrability and efficiency make them indispensable tools.

- Vibrating Plate Compactor: Offering high-performance compaction for various surfaces, the vibrating plate compactor efficiently reduces air voids in soil and gravel, ensuring a sturdy foundation for your projects.

- Rubber Mat: Protect surfaces during compaction with durable rubber mats designed to prevent damage and promote even compaction across various surfaces.

- Earth Rammer: The earth rammer is a versatile tool for compacting granular soils and gravel, providing efficient and uniform compaction for a variety of projects.

No matter the scale or nature of your compaction needs, Beaver Tool Hire offers a comprehensive compaction equipment hire range to ensure sturdy foundations and efficient project completion. With branches in Chichester, Petersfield, Waterlooville, Portsmouth, Fareham, Winchester and our newest depot in Worthing we are conveniently located to provide leading tool hire services throughout Hampshire and West Sussex. Contact us on 01243 782510 to discuss your specific requirements or to enquire about our compactor rental services.