Heater Hire

Create a warm and comfortable environment, no matter the weather conditions, with Beaver Tool Hire’s comprehensive range of heating solutions. Whether you're working in construction, hosting an outdoor event or simply need to heat a space efficiently, our selection of heaters is designed to meet your needs. Explore our heater range below for more information:

- Oil-fired Infrared Space Heater: Experience powerful and direct heat with our oil-fired infrared space heaters. Ideal for outdoor events, construction sites and large open spaces, these heaters provide instant warmth and efficient heating.

- Fan Heater: Compact and versatile, our fan heaters are perfect for quickly heating smaller spaces. With adjustable settings, these heaters are suitable for various applications.

- Oil-filled Radiator: For consistent and reliable heating, our oil-filled radiators are a popular choice. Offering a steady and even distribution of warmth, these heaters are ideal for indoor spaces, providing comfort during colder seasons.

- Infrared Heater: These energy-efficient heaters are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, offering focused warmth where you need it the most.

- Space Heaters: Our space heaters are versatile and effective, providing a quick and reliable solution for heating various environments.

- Indirect Diesel Heater: Powerful and fuel-efficient, our indirect diesel heaters are perfect for heating large spaces such as construction sites or events.

- Patio Heater: Outdoor heater rental is ideal for both commercial and residential purposes. Our patio heaters create a cosy atmosphere, allowing you to make the most of your outdoor spaces during colder evenings.

- Cabinet Heater: Compact and portable, our cabinet heaters are easy to move and provide efficient heating for smaller areas. These heaters are a convenient choice for workshops, offices or any space that requires quick and effective heating.

- 240v Convector Heater: Our 240v convector heaters offer a reliable and straightforward heating solution. With adjustable temperature settings, these heaters are suitable for a variety of indoor spaces.

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If you are looking to hire heating equipment for your next project, Beaver Tool Hire stocks a comprehensive range of solutions. We offer a diversity of options for indoor or outdoor use including space heater, infrared heater and fan heater hire. With branches in Chichester, Petersfield, Waterlooville, Portsmouth, Fareham, Winchester and our newest depot in Worthing we are conveniently located to provide leading tool hire services throughout Hampshire and West Sussex. Contact us on 01243 782510 to discuss your specific requirements or to enquire about our heater hire services.