Scaffold Tower Hire

Beaver Tool Hire offers a comprehensive range of scaffolding towers for hire, designed to meet a diversity of project needs for working at height. Our towers are engineered to provide stability, flexibility and ease of use on construction, refurbishment and maintenance tasks. Browse our range below and feel free to get in touch with our team on 01243 782510 to enquire about scaffold tower rental:

Narrow-Width Scaffold Towers
Compact yet robust, our narrow width scaffold towers are the go-to solution for projects with limited space. Ideal for indoor maintenance, painting or repairs where manoeuvrability is key.

Double-Width Scaffold Towers
For larger projects or tasks requiring more surface area and stability, our double-width scaffold towers offer a broader platform while maintaining safety and accessibility.

Stairwell Tower
Navigating stairwells during construction or maintenance can be challenging. Our stairwell tower provides a secure and adaptable solution for working on or around staircases.

Podium Steps (Pop-Up Tower)
Offering convenience and safety for low-level access tasks, our podium steps, also known as pop-up towers, provide a stable and easily movable platform.

One Person Mobile Tower
When efficiency and compactness are paramount, our one-person mobile tower is the ideal solution for single-worker tasks at heights.

Whether you're dealing with tight spaces, expansive projects or specialised access needs, Beaver Tool Hire's access tower hire range offers solutions for projects of all scales. We ensure that your work at heights is efficient, secure and meets the highest standards of safety regulations.